Thursday, February 10, 2011


Uggs are actually the uggliest things I have ever seen. It doesn't matter if they're knit, buttoned, painted, they're hideous. Don't get me wrong I wear them! I don't know a girl at my school who doesn't. We wear them because they're convenient. Living in the Chicago suburbs, they're basically the only thing to wear to walk home from school that won't get ruined. I've actually gotten to the point that I wear uggs to school then change into flats or whatever, then change back into uggs at the end of the day to walk home. Just from that I know I won't stop wearing uggs, so you probably won't stop wearing uggs. So I'm going to make an ugg-free boot guide for girls who live in places like the Chicago suburbs. Hopefully it helps. But don't fret if you still wear uggs, because I won't stop altogether either. This is just a suggestion for those who want to stop.


Boot #1 Hunter Boots <3

Hunters can be a great alternative to uggs, but it depends on the color you choose. I love my bright pink wellies, but they're not so good to replace uggs altogether. If you are looking for replacements I recommend black, navy, or the original dark green (shown right.) There are also patterned Hunters. I know Christian Siriano (yes, my jesus,) made alligator skin wellies, that I believe came in black and silver. I also highly recommend the socks! At least for winters in Chicago! Because otherwise your toes will freeze. But other than that they're awesome!

 Boot #2 Uggs that don't look like Uggs!

Yes, technically these are uggs. But are they, or are they not, cute?
Well I think they are, so.... These Smithfield Boots, are a little more expensive then regular uggs ($250) but they are cuter... Anyway, they are as warm as uggs, and have a better sole. Therefore they're great for walking wherever they take you. They actually look like riding boots, which if you're an avid reader of my blog, you would know that anything equestrian is very now.

Boot #3 La Canadienne's

Guess what? These boots are water proof! I know! Can you believe it!? Unfortunately, they aren't cheap. ($394.95) But you can find them at your local Nordstrom's or at Under La Canadienne's Charlize Boots.They have an antibacterial lining so no moldy boots! Plus they have a little heel for those like me who need the extra height (: They'll look great with basically anything because
of the goes-with-everything color. Again, it has the equestrian feel, which I <3!!!

Boot # 4 Juicy Couture

So for my fourth non-ugg boot I chose the 'Everest'
boot from Juicy Couture. (Available at Juicy and
Nordstroms.) Again, it is a little bit expensive ($169.95) But the great part about it is it's made of nylon, on the outside, so you can walk right through the snow and they'll be fine. They do have a 3 inch wedge,
 but of course I don't mind the help (; Another thing I love about this particular boot is the side zipper. It's way easier to tuck in your jeans! They call the color olive, but I think it's more brown then green.

Boot #5 Tory Burch
This is for those of you who are looking for more of a winter boot look. I'm sorry that my choices are so expensive, but it's hard to search on a budget! These boots were originally $295, but right this minute they are on sale at Nordstroms for $199.90! It has a little bit of a platform, but nothing big. They are pull-ons, but I wouldn't mind that. They are quilted nylon on the outside top portion, and the bottom part is rubber, so your toes will stay nice and dry!

I hope this Ugg-free boot guide helped, even with the high prices! I'll keep scouting for lower prices, and keep you updated! I'll talk to you later because I STILL haven't finished my Top Trends for 2011! So I will be back!
Mia <3

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Top Trends-Tassels

Sorry I haven't done one of these in a while, the golden globes came up, and then I forgot. Anyway, I'm back now so it doesn't matter anymore. TASSELS!-This trend sort of evolved from the military trend. The trend went from a wide variety of choices, now to just simply tassels. They were once an artform that showed how luxurious your life was. It could've taken months to make one single tassel!
In 2011, tassels are used a decorative gems, usually made of leather or silk. Lately we've seen them in leather, hanging on anything from bags to shoes to dresses to belts. Tassels have been elongated and made to stand out in 2011. Rope and tassels naturally come together in the fashion world, they tend to accompany each  other on clothes, accessories, shoes... etc. This combination can have the luxurious look, or the nautical feeling depending on how it's used. The luxurious side would be used more on dresses. Many labels such as Gucci and Pucci have used rope and tassels together before. I hope that was useful to you... I added pictures of course! (: I'll try to hurry and finish up the rest of these 2011 Top Trends!

Tassel detailing at Gucci SS11

Shoe tassel at Unique SS11

Tassel trim at Pucci SS11