Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Top Trends-Tassels

Sorry I haven't done one of these in a while, the golden globes came up, and then I forgot. Anyway, I'm back now so it doesn't matter anymore. TASSELS!-This trend sort of evolved from the military trend. The trend went from a wide variety of choices, now to just simply tassels. They were once an artform that showed how luxurious your life was. It could've taken months to make one single tassel!
In 2011, tassels are used a decorative gems, usually made of leather or silk. Lately we've seen them in leather, hanging on anything from bags to shoes to dresses to belts. Tassels have been elongated and made to stand out in 2011. Rope and tassels naturally come together in the fashion world, they tend to accompany each  other on clothes, accessories, shoes... etc. This combination can have the luxurious look, or the nautical feeling depending on how it's used. The luxurious side would be used more on dresses. Many labels such as Gucci and Pucci have used rope and tassels together before. I hope that was useful to you... I added pictures of course! (: I'll try to hurry and finish up the rest of these 2011 Top Trends!

Tassel detailing at Gucci SS11

Shoe tassel at Unique SS11

Tassel trim at Pucci SS11

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