Monday, January 17, 2011


Hardtails, I love them and I hate them. They are the most comfortable things I've ever worn in my entire life. Yet, I still hate them. When I bought them, I told myself they were for the weekends and fridays only. And guess who wore them on a wednesday last week. ME! I mean it's not like they're ugly, they're just not fashionable. And half of the girls at school can wear them half of the week and not have a problem with it. All  I can say is I wish I was one of those girls! It bothers me, when me, myself wears them to school and it's not friday, but I did it anyway. But not anymore. I refuse! You will only see this girl wearing hardtails on fridays!

Mia <3

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Golden Globes

If anyone watched the pre-Golden Globes a few hours ago, you would have watched the stars walk down the red carpet, and do interviews with Ryan Seacrest, where he asks what all the stars are wearing. Well then you would know what the hottest colors on the carpet were. Red. Pink. Black. Dark Green. And this off-nude color that's kind of hard to explain unless you know what I'm talking about... so I'll just add pictures. It's finally letting me. Yay! (: Anyway, just thought I post this. I'll eventually finish my 2011 top trends, but who know's how long it will take me. Haha (:
Mia <3

January Jones

Claire Danes

Sandra Bullock

Mila Kunis

Dianna Agron

Eva Longoria
Lea Michele

Christina Hendricks 
Anne Hathaway

Julianne Hough

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Top Trends-Crochet & Macrame

Hey everyone! Up next on my list is Crochet & Macrame. What is macrame you may ask? Macrame is the act of knotting the main fabric of a garment into a visual effect. Macrame started with bored sailors in the 19th century. They would make all sorts of macrame crafts out of shipping rope, leather, twine, yarn, or sturdy materials. Macrame was also popular in the 1970's with homeware. Currently, macrame was used more for accessories because tying knots can become bulky and have little stretch. But that has changed for 2011. Because of all the knots, macrame garments are great for beachwear or layers. What is crochet? Crochet is loops of yarn, made by using a hooked needle, so it can be very delicate. That's why it has overlapped with the lace trend. But the crochet style of 2011 is chunkier and heavier, that's why it's associated with macrame. These two techniques are both being used to revive the 1970's style. The key to wearing Crochet and Macrame is thinking boho, hippy styling. Earthy colors, fringe, tribal There are also macrame and crochet accessories. Think woven shoes, and crochet bags. Very Gucci, very Prada. And I'm sorry this is way after January 1st, but you know how it is. Anyway, I'll talk to you later!

Mia <3

Macrame at Gucci, SS11

Malandrino's SS11 macrame sandals

Boho fringing at Roberto Cavalli, SS11

Crochet maxi dress at Emilio Pucci, SS11

70s inspired dress and granny square bag at Ferragamo, SS11

Julien MacDonald, SS11

Nautical-inspired macrame at Dior, SS11


Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Top Trends-Lace

Hey everyone! This is part... 5? I think that's right. Anyway, we have kind of moved out of the concepts and into garments that are hot this year. Lace has been "in" for the past couple seasons, but this year it's evolved into dresses and skirts. It has also mixed with the shear trend. So designers tend to not line their lace pieces. The key to lace is to balance it out. Too much lace and you'll look over-girly. But too little will look like last minute additions. Now, lace isn't a detail on the garment, it IS the garment. That's why we've come to lace dresses and skirts. There are many different kinds of lace. The lace that's "in" now is more antique-style, while it use to be about allover stretch. I hope this is a good lace guide for you. I'll talk to you later!
Mia <3

Anna Dello Russo in a black lace dress, photographed by all the pretty birds.

Victoria in a vintage lace skirt snapped by all the pretty birds.

Left: wear less. Right: wear more.

Supermodel Natasha Poly in a Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2010 black and white lace dress snapped by All Pretty Birds

Olivia Palermo in a tiered lace dress, photographed by Stockholm Street Style.

2011 Top Trends-60's Dress/Full Skirt

Hey everyone! This is part four of the 2011 Top Trends. Sorry I didn't get all of my posts in before 2011, but I started a little late. Anyway the 60's are back! Longer hem-lines and fuller skirts are the new miniskirt. Full skirt-Housewife. Think circle skirts, cinched waist, and proper accessories. This years trend is different from previously because the fabrics are lighter, they come in prints such as florals and stripes, and pastel colors.
Granny Skirt. This is a longer skirt, with pleats, and a ruffled hem usually. The key to keep your look from becoming too dowdy is pairing the skirt with a very modern top and shoes.
The Bombshell-sheath skirts and dresses. This was how you got an hourglass shape in the 60's, sheath dresses and pencil skirts. Look for skirts that are: straight, high waisted, below the knee, and have a slit in the back. Look for sheath dresses that: are sleeveless or 3/4 sleeves, and fitted. Look for peg-top skirts that: are full at the waist, have small darts or pleats, and are tapered narrowly at the hem.
Accessories must be very proper, and prim to pull of this look to date. Think little kitten heels, cats-eye glasses, wide waist-cinching belts, leather clutches in pastel colors, gloves, and, of course, a headscarf.
Hair and Make-up: Very neutral make-up with bold red or soft pink lips. For hair there are two options. A high beehive, or sultry, voluptuous waves.
If your trying to modernize the concept, try starting with just a full skirt. Try to find one with a shorter hem line, maybe just above the knee. Then add to the look by pairing it with a boyfriend blazer or slouchy top, and trade the cats-eye glasses with a more "now" pair. If you wanted to try something crazier, you could add a pair of knee-high socks. To add some edge, you could look for garments in leather or sheer tulle. Another way to mix and match the full skirt, is pairing it with a crop top. Hair-wise I'd recommend a messy top knot or a simple side braid.
I hope that made any sense! Haha, not one of my neatest posts. Oh well. I added some pictures again, so you get the idea. Anyway I'll talk to you soon!
Mia <3

Modern take on the full skirt at Dries van Noten, A/W 2010
Full '60s dress at Louis Vuitton A/W 2010

Sheath dress at L'Wren Scott, S/S 2010
Ladylike full dress at Prada, A/W 2010
Full dress at Jayson Brunsdon, S/S 2010

Full skirt at Louis Vuitton, A/W 2010