Monday, January 17, 2011


Hardtails, I love them and I hate them. They are the most comfortable things I've ever worn in my entire life. Yet, I still hate them. When I bought them, I told myself they were for the weekends and fridays only. And guess who wore them on a wednesday last week. ME! I mean it's not like they're ugly, they're just not fashionable. And half of the girls at school can wear them half of the week and not have a problem with it. All  I can say is I wish I was one of those girls! It bothers me, when me, myself wears them to school and it's not friday, but I did it anyway. But not anymore. I refuse! You will only see this girl wearing hardtails on fridays!

Mia <3


  1. MIA I LOVE YOU!! haha can hurt me if i wear hardtails and it's not friday :))

  2. Haha same goes 4 me!!! We can watch out for each other! I LUV U 2 KATE!!!!!