Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 Top Trends-Bell Bottoms

Hello Everyone! I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but guess what?! BELL BOTTOMS ARE BACK BABY! Skinny jeans are still in, no worries, but they're so common now everyone was looking for an alternative. Now everyone's wearing bell bottoms AND skinny jeans. Men are even wearing them! It's a 70's comeback! The correct definition for bell bottoms is the hem is wider than your foot is long. But boot cut, and wide leg pants will work too. And that they are tight till your knee, then they should get looser. Now don't take this trend and make it an excuse to wear baggy jeans. That is never the answer! To get the full 1970's vibe, you could go for a high-waisted look, and pair it with a sheer blouse and wedges. But for something more modern, low-waisted pants work too. I added some pictures for some clarification. I hope this helped! I promise I'll blog more often!

Men's Bell Bottoms
High-waist and subtle flared leg at ADAM SS11
Derek Lam SS11
Men's Bell Bottoms
Flares at Topshop Unique SS11

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