Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Top Trends-Punk

Hey everyone! This is part three of my 2011 fashion trend forecast. As military is fading out two trends are filling it's place. Biker-Chic and Punk. The main vision of punk is rebellion, controversy and the element of shock. The key is to not take it over the top and look costumey. The problem with punk is that it's been in the fashion circle for a while now, lessening the element of shock, when everyones doing it. That's why this year, punk is going to become less of a theme and more of an accessory. Mixing punk items with other trends. A big thing for punk is STUDS! You just have to be careful not to overdo the studs. Combat boots are another punk accessory. They're very similar, therefore interchangeable with motorcycle boots.A big punk icon is safety pins. They're all over the place. They decorate clothing items. They're turned into jewelry... etc. So overall the key to punk is to mix in little pieces, not to go over the top. Blogspot finally fixed it's picture adding problem so I have the pictures below. I'll talk to you soon!
Mia <3

Balenciaga SS11

Modern / neo punk from Balenciaga SS11

Safety pins at Balmain SS11

Balmain SS11

Studded leather jacket at Balmain SS11

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