Thursday, December 30, 2010

Name Tags? Bag Tags?

Hey everyone! So I'm here today to talk about these tag bracelets are super in. I can't remember what their called though! If you know what I'm talking about leave a comment because I'd love to finally know! They're a silver chain bracelet, and in the middle is a silver rectangle with whatever on it. I have one from my nut allergy that I use to have to wear when I was little so teachers & parents or whatever know I'm allergic to nuts. On the back was my home phone number. All the prints in red. It's just really cool, and my new thing is stacking bracelets so this is one of my main components in my stacking but that's another post. I'd post a picture of it but all the pictures I've taken of it, you can't even tell what it is because the camera reflects in the silver. So hopefully you get the point of what I'm trying to explain, and go find yourself one! If I ever get a good picture I'll post it! Tata for now!
Mia <3

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