Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY #2

Hey y'all! So I have made my second DIY Project and I'm going to do a tutorial for this one because it's super easy, but cute!!! It's this little bird nest pendant! It doesn't sound as cute as it actually is... Haha just bear with me and read on (:

Supplies; - wire 
-glass beads
-necklace clasp

 1.) Choose a couple glass beads of your choice, you can pick any amount you want, depending on the size. I chose three beads. String them through the wire to form a circular shape.

2.) Start wrapping the wire around all of the beads. Keep doing so to create a bird nest shape. TIP: After every  5 or so wrap arounds, string the wire through through all of the wrap arounds to keep them tight. When you have created the desired shape, make a loop with the wire at the top of the nest.

3.) Cut the chain to the desired length. My chain was 21 1/2 inches long. Then string it through the loop at the top of your nest.

4.) Lastly, attack your clasp to the chain. If you find it difficult, try adding jump rings, but they're not necessary. I did fine without them.

Voila! A cute and easy pendant!

My sister insisted on modeling for me....

I hope this was clear enough for you to follow! I'll be back soon with more DIY Projects!!! Again, sorry about the blurry pictures, my camera's still broken... See you soon!!!


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