Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY #4

Hey guys!!! I'm back with my next DIY! This is a Lanvin knock-off necklace that could be made with several different ribbons to create different styles for different seasons. I made a more summery version to show you.

- Needle and Thread
- Ribbon ( I used grosgrain, but a velvet or an ivory bark would work too for a different look)

1.) Cut 2 1/2 yards of your ribbon. Pinch the ribbon a fourth of the way down. Thread your needle through the middle of the fold.

2.)Thread a pearl on top of the fold, then pinch the ribbon again, thread the needle through the middle and add another pearl. 

3.) Repeat step 2 until you reach the desired length. Mine was 13 inches long (not including the not folded part of the necklace.)

4.) Thread the needle back through all of the folds and pearls for extra hold. Then knot the thread. Then tie a loose knot at each end of the ribbon.
VoilĂ !!! A Lanvin necklace for under $10!

Mia <3


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