Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fashion: Traveling

I don't get why people think that when they travel they have to wear a Juicy or Pink track suit. That's not what they're for people!!!! You can dress comfortably and not be in sweat pants! I was in the O'hare airport today and I swear 99% of the girls there were in sweats! Has anyone ever heard of leggings?!?! I wore leggings, a tank, a belted long sweater, and comfy flats, and I have to say I was very comfortable! I'm not saying you have to wear your school uniform or a red carpet gown, I'm just asking you to respect yourselves a bit.
Tata for now!
Passion4Fashion <3

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  1. i hate actually is one of my biggest pet peeves. u RAWK mia :)