Friday, November 5, 2010

Secretariat: Costume Design

Hey everyone! So I just went to see the movie Secretariat with my family and it is my new favorite movie. No Joke! And I rarely say that! So if you don't get what I'm saying... GO SEE IT! I'm not kidding would pay someone to see it! Haha just kidding! :-) Anyway, the movie takes place in the late 1960's early 1970's.   The age of housewives going to horse races in big hats, with flowers and bows all over them. But not once in the whole movie did Penny, the housewife who owns Secretariat, wear a big hat! All the other ladies did but she didn't. She always wore little kitten-heels and sling-backs. With a pant suit, or a blazer or blouse and a skirt that went mid-calf. I also noticed she always wore earrings and a necklace, and of course her horse pin. And her hair was always... I'm not sure how to describe how it looked so I'll put some pictures in. It was just amazing how she managed two, separate, busy lives, and be so high-fashion. Well for that time... haha. So I really suggest you see the movie. It's my new favorite!
"Are you that stubborn?" "No, I'm that right!"-Penny Chenery
I'll talk to you guys later!
Passion4Fashion <3

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