Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Golden Globes

If anyone watched the pre-Golden Globes a few hours ago, you would have watched the stars walk down the red carpet, and do interviews with Ryan Seacrest, where he asks what all the stars are wearing. Well then you would know what the hottest colors on the carpet were. Red. Pink. Black. Dark Green. And this off-nude color that's kind of hard to explain unless you know what I'm talking about... so I'll just add pictures. It's finally letting me. Yay! (: Anyway, just thought I post this. I'll eventually finish my 2011 top trends, but who know's how long it will take me. Haha (:
Mia <3

January Jones

Claire Danes

Sandra Bullock

Mila Kunis

Dianna Agron

Eva Longoria
Lea Michele

Christina Hendricks 
Anne Hathaway

Julianne Hough

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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