Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Top Trends-Crochet & Macrame

Hey everyone! Up next on my list is Crochet & Macrame. What is macrame you may ask? Macrame is the act of knotting the main fabric of a garment into a visual effect. Macrame started with bored sailors in the 19th century. They would make all sorts of macrame crafts out of shipping rope, leather, twine, yarn, or sturdy materials. Macrame was also popular in the 1970's with homeware. Currently, macrame was used more for accessories because tying knots can become bulky and have little stretch. But that has changed for 2011. Because of all the knots, macrame garments are great for beachwear or layers. What is crochet? Crochet is loops of yarn, made by using a hooked needle, so it can be very delicate. That's why it has overlapped with the lace trend. But the crochet style of 2011 is chunkier and heavier, that's why it's associated with macrame. These two techniques are both being used to revive the 1970's style. The key to wearing Crochet and Macrame is thinking boho, hippy styling. Earthy colors, fringe, tribal There are also macrame and crochet accessories. Think woven shoes, and crochet bags. Very Gucci, very Prada. And I'm sorry this is way after January 1st, but you know how it is. Anyway, I'll talk to you later!

Mia <3

Macrame at Gucci, SS11

Malandrino's SS11 macrame sandals

Boho fringing at Roberto Cavalli, SS11

Crochet maxi dress at Emilio Pucci, SS11

70s inspired dress and granny square bag at Ferragamo, SS11

Julien MacDonald, SS11

Nautical-inspired macrame at Dior, SS11

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  1. mia you are WAY TO STYLISH
    i don't know how you keep up with all this and know about it all; it's crazy!!!!

    LOVE YOU. urock.


  2. U r just as stylish as me! I freakin luv all of ur outfits!!!! As for how i know this stuff, i can't tell u! It would be like a magician telling everyone his tricks! Haha

    LUV U! U ROCK 2!

    Mia <3