Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Top Trends-Lace

Hey everyone! This is part... 5? I think that's right. Anyway, we have kind of moved out of the concepts and into garments that are hot this year. Lace has been "in" for the past couple seasons, but this year it's evolved into dresses and skirts. It has also mixed with the shear trend. So designers tend to not line their lace pieces. The key to lace is to balance it out. Too much lace and you'll look over-girly. But too little will look like last minute additions. Now, lace isn't a detail on the garment, it IS the garment. That's why we've come to lace dresses and skirts. There are many different kinds of lace. The lace that's "in" now is more antique-style, while it use to be about allover stretch. I hope this is a good lace guide for you. I'll talk to you later!
Mia <3

Anna Dello Russo in a black lace dress, photographed by all the pretty birds.

Victoria in a vintage lace skirt snapped by all the pretty birds.

Left: wear less. Right: wear more.

Supermodel Natasha Poly in a Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2010 black and white lace dress snapped by All Pretty Birds

Olivia Palermo in a tiered lace dress, photographed by Stockholm Street Style.

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