Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hair Streak

Hey everyone! So my friends and I were at Urban Outfitters and we all got these cute, little, colored hair streaks. We all said we would wear them on monday, but of course I was the only one who remembered.  I've been wearing it for three days, but it kind of limits my hair styling choices. (I learned the hard way that it was made of plastic and couldn't be curled. Haha :-) ) Another thing that's hard is that I have to watch that it doesn't clash with what I'm wearing! But a plus is that it gives neutral colored outfits some flair. But it would be kind of weird if I wear it like an accessory, like I wear some days, but not others. Half of the people I know love it, and the other half hate it. Should I retire the hair streak, or forget what the losers who hate it are saying? HELP ME!!!
Passion4Fashion <3

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