Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project Runway

Hey everyone! Right now I'm watching Project Runway, my favorite show in the entire world! For those of you who have never heard it, it's about fashion design and sewing. So I'm watching the challenge before fashion week, and I realized the designers that are left aren't all that good! I have to say looking back on the past seasons I would have to say the same thing. The one season that I think a true fashion genius won would be Christian Siriano, season 5. Himynameislisi would agree. Haha. There have been some other good designers but the past two or three seasons I haven't been impressed. It worries me that Haute Couture will die out. There hasn't been a Coco Chanel since, well Coco Chanel. Or Versace, Yves St Laurant, Gucci, Prada. Let's not forget Alexander McQueen, may he rest in peace, that has just left us. We need a new revolution of fashion prodigies. Well the commercials over so I got to go. Haha Talk to you later!
Passion4Fashion <3

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