Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey everyone! So if you know me you know I design and sew cloths, bags, jewelry...etc. It started with my making of a pleated, sweatshirt fleece, skirt. I wore it to school, and instantly all my friends wanted one! Then I started making other things, headbands, bags, pencil cases, fabric necklaces.... And I don't know if you've seen the new "thing everyone knows about" is writing love in signs. The L is the breast cancer ribbon, the O is a peace sign, the V is a heart, and the E is a side-ways smiley face. I've decided that that is going to be my label name. You know like, "Marc by Marc Jacobs." Mine will be LOVE By Mia, except spelled with the little symbols.  What do you think? To cheesy? Let me know! Below are some pictures of things I've made and the LOVE sign. I'll talk to you later!
Passion4Fashion <3


  1. Hey Mia,

    Ms. N of Currently Chic told me to check out your blog.
    You should post more photos of your creations!
    I love the button bib necklace and the fabric choice for the first tote.
    Keep up the craftiness!

    Leanora B
    of Busy Hands & A Sweet Tooth

  2. i remember you writing "love by mia" on my hand @ lunch...if you don't that's awks.....yeah i'm stalking your blog right now; but that's what they are for right???


  3. I do remember! (: And I'm kinda stalking your blog too so..... tehe (: Your blog RAWKS! (;

    Mia <3